DAR AL-MAJD Architects & Consulting Engineering was established in 1987 on behalf of the AL-Thomad by one of the board members who was a USA graduated in civil engineering. This was the first venture in Engineering Consultancy with sole aim of providing professional services in the field of engineering geared to meet Kingdom’s needs, and continues to do so with a keen spirit of enterprise and an uncompromising approach to customer satisfaction. Today, DAR AL-Majd employees over 150 staff members.

In the early years the company was engaged in residential, commercial and light industrial projects with emphasis on architectural structural but later the projects expanded to different types in private and public sectors. After remarkable achievement in the field of engineering design consultancy this company has successfully completed projects in following areas with full customer's satisfaction:-

• Educational Buildings
• Communications projects
• Heavy Engineering projects
• Hospitals, Clinics & Healthcare facilities
• Infrastructure civil engineering projects
• Office buildings
• Private residences
• Residential housing: public & private
• Sports facilities
• Urban design projects

Dar Al-Majd provides following professional service:

• Architectural & Engineering Design & Development.
• Interior Design.
• Landscape Design.
• Construction Supervision.
• Project Management.
• Planning & Surveying.

The construction supervision department was established to supervise all contractor work and activities for the projects designed and developed by Dar Al-Majd engineering. The construction supervision department makes detailed supervision with the site engineers ensuring buildings are constructed to the highest standards on the scheduled time and within the budget. This is done by day to day supervision of all contractors and subcontractors activities on a project, ensuring various test and inspections are conducted, including approval at all stages of work and final material selections.

The team is typically involved in tender evaluation in pre-construction phase, in contract assessment and the recommendation of the selected contractor and subcontractors. It examines project scheduling, cost monitoring, quality control and strict adherence by all contractors to the drawings and specifications. It also arranges for full coordination between the activities of all contractors and the approval of payment certificates.

With completion of various projects and facilities, Dar Al-Majd is recognized as one of the leading consulting offices in the Kingdom.

The Dar Al Majd Engineering division was organized in 1985 to take advantage of in-house expertise. It provides architectural and engineering services on a consulting basis. This division maintains offices in Riyadh with a staff of highly qualified architects and engineers. Its services are in high demand in the government, commercial and residential sectors. Dar Al Majd is currently involved in a number of developmental projects across the Kingdom. 

Major Clients

National Guard
Ministry of Education
Ministry of agriculture
Municipality of a Riyadh
Embergilio Italian construction company
Dumez French construction company
And many more

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